11 May 2015

Quick Strawberry Dessert

Who doesn't like a quick and tasty dessert? I know that I love them. You can combine new things and make every recipe your own. Also it is really easy to make! I like to use strawberries because they are my favourite fruit (and they look pretty). As always, you can modify this recipe however you want and it will taste great...use blueberries,pineapple or apples! You have to measure the ingedients on how big your container is. This recipe won't take any longer than 10 minutes.

..so for this dessert I used:

3 Cookies

Whipped Cream (low fat!)

3 Strawberries

Vanilla Extract

White Chocolate Flakes (optional)

..what to do:

1. Crush the Cookies into crumbs

2. Mix your Cream with the vanilla extract

3. Cut your strawberries (slices & dices)

4. Layer your ingedients 

5. Enjoy!

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