17 May 2015

Summer Looks #2

I hope that you are just as excited for summer as I am. Today I wanted to share this cute outfit with you guys and I hope you love it as much as I do. Most of the items are from Topshop..just because I love the things they have in at the moment. This outfit is simple and chice because in summer I don't want to think a lot about what I'm going to wear - I want to be outside and do things! Also lipstains are perfect for summer because they really last a long time and look super natural. (I absolutely love this colour!) Can't you see yourself eating ice cream with your friends or going to town in this outfit? - I know I can. 
Playsuit (buy here) | Shoes (buy here) | Lipstain (buy here) | Sunglasses (buy here) | Bracelet (buy here)

Enjoy the sun! <3

xo Julia

11 May 2015

Quick Strawberry Dessert

Who doesn't like a quick and tasty dessert? I know that I love them. You can combine new things and make every recipe your own. Also it is really easy to make! I like to use strawberries because they are my favourite fruit (and they look pretty). As always, you can modify this recipe however you want and it will taste great...use blueberries,pineapple or apples! You have to measure the ingedients on how big your container is. This recipe won't take any longer than 10 minutes.

..so for this dessert I used:

3 Cookies

Whipped Cream (low fat!)

3 Strawberries

Vanilla Extract

White Chocolate Flakes (optional)

..what to do:

1. Crush the Cookies into crumbs

2. Mix your Cream with the vanilla extract

3. Cut your strawberries (slices & dices)

4. Layer your ingedients 

5. Enjoy!

4 May 2015

Glossybox April

This Months Glossybox was quite spring oriented in my opinion, light colours, quite girly. I liked it even though I wouldn't have chosen these colours. I just love the fact that you get a suprise every month...it is exciting!
So the first thing I want to show you is...

..this lipstick from the MakeupStore. It is a glossy,pink shade which is definately not my type of shade but maybe I will get a use out of it when I use it to paint the faces of my friends..haha
The lipstick just does not suit my complexion and I prefer a matte lip but the pigmentation is really good in my opinion. I would love to try out another lipstick by this brand..but well not this kind of shade :)

The next thing is this Superfruit Lipbalm by Naked Lips. I've never owned a lipbalm that I really loved but now I do. It smells so nice! Like pomegranate, blue berries,,,and it really mosturizes the lips with coconut oil and vitamin E.

Here we have the next makeup item which is a Cover & Stay Foundation by Alverde (a german,organic drugstore brand so no link). The foundation is quite longlating even though it is not quite the shade of my complexion - it is a little dark for me but let's hope that I get a little taned in summer.

This is a nailpolish from Essie in 'brides to be' which is this pretty,peachy colour. I think this colour is perfect if you want french nails or a pastel peach on our nails. It lasted a long time (which is a huge bonus) and it did not start to chip. This was definately my fave in this box.

The last thing in the box was this Aftershave by Dr. Severin which is really good for sensetive skin. My skin is really sensetive afer shaving and this product helped soothing it. It is organic and has a nice smell.

If you have any suggestions on a topic or something that interests you and you want me to write about it. let me know.
Have an amazing day!

xo Julia

29 April 2015

Golden Eye Makeup

It is spring time and that means that summer is right around the corner. Testing out new Makeup looks is one of my favourite things to do and I could not wait any longer to share my first summery inspired eye makeup with you guys. I think that gold is perfect for the summer time - not only in makeup but also jewellery, belts, nail polish... It is a warm colour and is always an eyecatcher.

These were the products I used:

Pearly Beige Eyeshadow from Kiko | Matte Brown Eyeahdow from Catrice | Dip Eyeliner from Manhattan | Mineral Eyeshadow from Marsk

First, prime your eye with your favourite primer to make it last longer and look better in the end.

Then you want to place a beige or champagne toned eyeshadow on your lid - you don't have to blend it because that will be our base.

Now, you have to place the brown matte (or shimmery) eyeshadow in your outer v and blend it into your crease. Blend well because we don't wnt any harsh lines with this look.

The next step is to place your mineral eyeshadow or pigment (however you prefer) in the middle of your lid and blend just a little bit. You don't want to loose the strong pigmentation that will give you a nice pop. (And yes as you can see I wasn't that careful when applying it)

In the end I topped it of with a thin, winged liner and mascara. Please excuse my eyelashes for going wild..haha
I really hope that you enjoy this look and if you recreate it tweet it @multifaced_ !

xo Julia

22 April 2015

Summer Looks #1

Summer is not far away and it is getting warmer everyday (at least where I live). You go out with your friends, get active but what do you wear when you go to the beach, go cycling or even go skating? I think that loose, thin clothes are the best to wear if you want to look good but not to sweat a lot. Your skin can breathe and you feel a lot more fresh. So here are two outfits I wanted to share with you guys for those who like to go out and be active when it's warm outside. These outfits are great if you're someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on clothes but you like to look fashionable. They are quite dark but if you want to go out as soon as possible you might not have that much time and black is always an easy option (and it looks great).

1. Crop Top from H&M 2. Authentic Black Shoes from Vans 3. High Wasted Shorts from H&M 4. Flanel Shirt from H&M 5. Lipstick in ''Chilli'' from MAC
(I'm really sorry that some of these URL's are german!)

I know that most people like to wear really bright colours in summer but I like it quite casual, simple and comfortable. This outfit is inspired by skateboarding and chilling with friends. You can always chuck on the flanel when it is getting chilly and if you like to wear it without a flanel shirt you can tag your Instagram pictures with #allblackeverything. ;)
Show off your flat belly that you've worked so hard for and keep it casual while enjoying the sun.

1. Hairband with Flowers from H&M 2. Kimono from Topshop 3. Converse Shoes from Asos 4. Jumpsuit from H&M  5. Temporary Tattoos from Asos

This outfit is quite loose, casual und a little hippyish. It is a quite girly and flowy. I think that Jumpsuits are a Must for summer, because they are so simple, you can wear them with everything, they stay in place all day and they are so comfy! I'm pretty sure you must have seen these temporary tattoos everywhere but they are so nice and summery. Perfect if you want to go to a festival or to the beach. It's pretty much jewelery on your body and they can give an outfit that missing pop. 

Make this summer yours and have fun!

xo Julia

14 April 2015

It is getting warmer..

I don't know how you guys feel about this time of year but I absolutely love spring. It's so amazing seeing all the trees and flowers come back to life. Everyting starts living again - nature and people too! I'm a lot more motivated to do things I mean you can always go out, it is warm outside, Festival season starts, you can wear your cute, loose tops and there is always fresh fruit for new smoothie creations, summer is almost there and, and...well spring is just lovely.

Today was such a nice and sunny day here and I really enjoyed it to the fullest. I took a long walk and observed the butterflies that flew around, watched kids play and laugh outside and listened to music. It was a really nice day overall.
When it gets warmer of course we start to eat differently (well I know I do). I really start to eat less meat and a lot more dairy-free products, vegetables and fruit because the sun gives them such a nice taste and I love trying out new combinations with them. There are so many recipes and things you can do such as smoothie(-bowls), salads, snacks...
Of course the sun also brings back memories like your last holidays, your holiday plans for this year, the things you did with your friends... I love dreaming about my last holidays when I went to Finland with my boyfriend. I mean look at this beautiful sunrise..*sigh*

I hope that I can motivate you. Go out and please enjoy the sun (and if it is raining then please think positive). You see i get quite affected by the sun. I will share a lot more recipe ideas with you guys to get you inspirated and creative but now I just want you to live and think about all the things you can do when it gets warmer..I could ramble on and on! What are your plans for this summer? 

xo Julia

9 April 2015

Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes

Today it was the perfect day for pancakes..the sun was shining and I was really motivated. These were the result and I wanted to share this super simple recipe. They are so delicious and you don't have to feel bad after eating them.

The Recipe

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of oatmeal

2 eggs

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

only a little bit cup milk

                                                            sparkling water (until you have the right consistency)

                 optional: 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 

These pancakes are a lovely alternative. Also they are full of protein and all the good stuff you need in the morning to get up and start the day. I like to use sparkling water to get the right 'fluffyness' but you can also only use milk, soymilk or buttermilk...You can use any brand chocolate ptotein powder and you can modify this simple recipe however you prefer. As you can see this recipe is quite versatile. I love it because it is so easy and even me being a zombie in the mornings can manage it. I like to eat them with a bit of honey or fresh strawberries..well berries of any kind.

xo Julia

3 April 2015

Glossybox March

So today I wanted to share my products that I got in the Glossybox of March. Some of you may already know the concept of this box. It is a monthly subscription and every month you get a nice little box with 5 products in it and some extras. The products you get are always from different companys and it is always a surprise. I was so excited for this months box that I wanted to share it with you people. Of course this box is the Glossybox from Germany so it has completely different products in it than your Glossybox might have. 

So the first product I want to show you is this organic moisturizing peeling from NAOBAY.
The fact that this product is organic was a huge plus for me and now 2-3 weeks later I can say that I absolutely love it. I leaves my skin feelng so soft and smooth. It just feels really clean and who doesn't love the feeling of fresh and clean skin?

The next thing is this Eyeliner Pencil from Teeez Cosmetics. The consistency of this eyeliner is very creamy and it goes on quite smoothly. It is also really pigmented and the silver colour is really shiny. I think you can use it as a simple eyeliner (like I did) but you can also play with it and create a poppin' nighttime look.

This is an overnight regeneration cream made out of natural ingredients from Kneipp. I think that this is a quite rich cream and perfect for people with dry or sensetive skin. I don't have dry skin but even though it was a little too rich for my skin it left it really smooth.

This was the product I was most excited about because I love lip products of any kind..and this lipstick from  Lord & Berry simplay blew me away. It is so pigmented and the colour is so pretty..
(It doesn't look  as pinkish as it does on the photos) and I love it. 

So the last product that was in this months box was this blusher from 4LK. The colour of it is really pretty and it is a shade you can wear everyday because it looks really natural. The pigmentation of it is not that strong but for me it's okay and it looks quite nice on my skin colour. :)

xo Julia

27 March 2015

My Strawberry Smoothie

 So that the sun finally came out where I live and the weather got nicer I felt like I had to do something with the first nice Strawberries I found at the market because they are my favourite kind of berry and what is nicer than a delicious smoothie? 

                                     So here is the recipe I used to create this delicousness..<3 

The Recipe:

about 200g|7Oz. of Strawberries

1/2 a Banana

1 Spoon of Honey

3 Spoons of (Soy-) Yoghurt

Fill rest with (Soy-) Milk

Chia Seeds (optional)

(As you can see I could not wait to try it before I took this photo.) I love smoothies because they taste sooo good and are super easy to make so I hope you will enjoy this simple recipe. 

xo Julia

22 March 2015


I wanted to share people and things that inspired me lately because I love reading about how other boggers/youtubers get inspired so..let's start of with this beauty

Of course the one and only beautycrush ...I guess most of you people out there may know her already but I had to mention her. She's a blogger, youtuber and for me - an idol. It is so nice to watch her videos or read her blog and her style in fahion is just amazing.
And have you ever seen a face as gorgeous as hers??

People who know me may have noticed that I have never gone out without my winged eyeliner lately...and this picture is just fab in my opinion.
 I don't know why but it just goes with everything and I love the look of it.

Another blogger/youtuber that I wanted to share is this lovely lady..

Rhiannon aka. FashionRocksMySocks 
She is such a down to earth person and I enjoy following her so much. 
I just love her OOTD's and her Reviews...and of course her vlogs!
Her sense in fashion and make up is just sooo nice.

And now..the third and last blogger/youtuber..

I have discovered her just few weeks ago and now I have just fallen in love with her blog.
 It is Lydia Elise Millen and she is just..woah. 
She also is a fashionblogger but her recent focus i'd say is fitness and health (I mean look at that body). 
It is just so motivating to read her blog because I always feel like exercising afterwards..haha
I feel like we need more of these active people to motivate us lazy people and that is what she does but also her style is just elegant and chic.

I think that I should also include some songs that I loved lately.

I've been loving Sweather Weather from The Neighbourhood and
 (quite random) Kids with Guns from Gorillaz 

...and this picture I took last year when I flew back to Germany from Los Angeles
 also inspired me today. :)

I know I may sound like a crazy person raving about these bloggers but really that's how I am ..haha.

I hope you  also got a little inspired. ;)

xo Julia

21 March 2015


So.. I'm not quite sure what to write at this point..well hello and welcome to my Blog. 
My name is Julia and I will write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle ad just generally thoughts about everything that comes to my mind. Hopefully I can entertain some people and connect with you guys.
I'm from Germany so you people may see some new things you haven't seen before which is always good.. I guess.

The name ''Multifaced'' came to my mind when i thought about this quote i read the other day :

 The Japanese say you have three faces.
The first face, you show to the world. 
The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family.
The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are. 

That is very powerful and true in my opinion. Then I thought about the power of makeup.. I mean you can make yourself look like a completely different person and still stay the same. We can change our whole appearence in just a few hours so that noone will recognize us.
I love playing with makeup and different styles and sharing all that with you people makes it a lot more fun. :)

xo Julia