14 April 2015

It is getting warmer..

I don't know how you guys feel about this time of year but I absolutely love spring. It's so amazing seeing all the trees and flowers come back to life. Everyting starts living again - nature and people too! I'm a lot more motivated to do things I mean you can always go out, it is warm outside, Festival season starts, you can wear your cute, loose tops and there is always fresh fruit for new smoothie creations, summer is almost there and, and...well spring is just lovely.

Today was such a nice and sunny day here and I really enjoyed it to the fullest. I took a long walk and observed the butterflies that flew around, watched kids play and laugh outside and listened to music. It was a really nice day overall.
When it gets warmer of course we start to eat differently (well I know I do). I really start to eat less meat and a lot more dairy-free products, vegetables and fruit because the sun gives them such a nice taste and I love trying out new combinations with them. There are so many recipes and things you can do such as smoothie(-bowls), salads, snacks...
Of course the sun also brings back memories like your last holidays, your holiday plans for this year, the things you did with your friends... I love dreaming about my last holidays when I went to Finland with my boyfriend. I mean look at this beautiful sunrise..*sigh*

I hope that I can motivate you. Go out and please enjoy the sun (and if it is raining then please think positive). You see i get quite affected by the sun. I will share a lot more recipe ideas with you guys to get you inspirated and creative but now I just want you to live and think about all the things you can do when it gets warmer..I could ramble on and on! What are your plans for this summer? 

xo Julia

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