27 March 2015

My Strawberry Smoothie

 So that the sun finally came out where I live and the weather got nicer I felt like I had to do something with the first nice Strawberries I found at the market because they are my favourite kind of berry and what is nicer than a delicious smoothie? 

                                     So here is the recipe I used to create this delicousness..<3 

The Recipe:

about 200g|7Oz. of Strawberries

1/2 a Banana

1 Spoon of Honey

3 Spoons of (Soy-) Yoghurt

Fill rest with (Soy-) Milk

Chia Seeds (optional)

(As you can see I could not wait to try it before I took this photo.) I love smoothies because they taste sooo good and are super easy to make so I hope you will enjoy this simple recipe. 

xo Julia

22 March 2015


I wanted to share people and things that inspired me lately because I love reading about how other boggers/youtubers get inspired so..let's start of with this beauty

Of course the one and only beautycrush ...I guess most of you people out there may know her already but I had to mention her. She's a blogger, youtuber and for me - an idol. It is so nice to watch her videos or read her blog and her style in fahion is just amazing.
And have you ever seen a face as gorgeous as hers??

People who know me may have noticed that I have never gone out without my winged eyeliner lately...and this picture is just fab in my opinion.
 I don't know why but it just goes with everything and I love the look of it.

Another blogger/youtuber that I wanted to share is this lovely lady..

Rhiannon aka. FashionRocksMySocks 
She is such a down to earth person and I enjoy following her so much. 
I just love her OOTD's and her Reviews...and of course her vlogs!
Her sense in fashion and make up is just sooo nice.

And now..the third and last blogger/youtuber..

I have discovered her just few weeks ago and now I have just fallen in love with her blog.
 It is Lydia Elise Millen and she is just..woah. 
She also is a fashionblogger but her recent focus i'd say is fitness and health (I mean look at that body). 
It is just so motivating to read her blog because I always feel like exercising afterwards..haha
I feel like we need more of these active people to motivate us lazy people and that is what she does but also her style is just elegant and chic.

I think that I should also include some songs that I loved lately.

I've been loving Sweather Weather from The Neighbourhood and
 (quite random) Kids with Guns from Gorillaz 

...and this picture I took last year when I flew back to Germany from Los Angeles
 also inspired me today. :)

I know I may sound like a crazy person raving about these bloggers but really that's how I am ..haha.

I hope you  also got a little inspired. ;)

xo Julia

21 March 2015


So.. I'm not quite sure what to write at this point..well hello and welcome to my Blog. 
My name is Julia and I will write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle ad just generally thoughts about everything that comes to my mind. Hopefully I can entertain some people and connect with you guys.
I'm from Germany so you people may see some new things you haven't seen before which is always good.. I guess.

The name ''Multifaced'' came to my mind when i thought about this quote i read the other day :

 The Japanese say you have three faces.
The first face, you show to the world. 
The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family.
The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are. 

That is very powerful and true in my opinion. Then I thought about the power of makeup.. I mean you can make yourself look like a completely different person and still stay the same. We can change our whole appearence in just a few hours so that noone will recognize us.
I love playing with makeup and different styles and sharing all that with you people makes it a lot more fun. :)

xo Julia