22 March 2015


I wanted to share people and things that inspired me lately because I love reading about how other boggers/youtubers get inspired so..let's start of with this beauty

Of course the one and only beautycrush ...I guess most of you people out there may know her already but I had to mention her. She's a blogger, youtuber and for me - an idol. It is so nice to watch her videos or read her blog and her style in fahion is just amazing.
And have you ever seen a face as gorgeous as hers??

People who know me may have noticed that I have never gone out without my winged eyeliner lately...and this picture is just fab in my opinion.
 I don't know why but it just goes with everything and I love the look of it.

Another blogger/youtuber that I wanted to share is this lovely lady..

Rhiannon aka. FashionRocksMySocks 
She is such a down to earth person and I enjoy following her so much. 
I just love her OOTD's and her Reviews...and of course her vlogs!
Her sense in fashion and make up is just sooo nice.

And now..the third and last blogger/youtuber..

I have discovered her just few weeks ago and now I have just fallen in love with her blog.
 It is Lydia Elise Millen and she is just..woah. 
She also is a fashionblogger but her recent focus i'd say is fitness and health (I mean look at that body). 
It is just so motivating to read her blog because I always feel like exercising afterwards..haha
I feel like we need more of these active people to motivate us lazy people and that is what she does but also her style is just elegant and chic.

I think that I should also include some songs that I loved lately.

I've been loving Sweather Weather from The Neighbourhood and
 (quite random) Kids with Guns from Gorillaz 

...and this picture I took last year when I flew back to Germany from Los Angeles
 also inspired me today. :)

I know I may sound like a crazy person raving about these bloggers but really that's how I am ..haha.

I hope you  also got a little inspired. ;)

xo Julia

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