17 May 2015

Summer Looks #2

I hope that you are just as excited for summer as I am. Today I wanted to share this cute outfit with you guys and I hope you love it as much as I do. Most of the items are from Topshop..just because I love the things they have in at the moment. This outfit is simple and chice because in summer I don't want to think a lot about what I'm going to wear - I want to be outside and do things! Also lipstains are perfect for summer because they really last a long time and look super natural. (I absolutely love this colour!) Can't you see yourself eating ice cream with your friends or going to town in this outfit? - I know I can. 
Playsuit (buy here) | Shoes (buy here) | Lipstain (buy here) | Sunglasses (buy here) | Bracelet (buy here)

Enjoy the sun! <3

xo Julia

11 May 2015

Quick Strawberry Dessert

Who doesn't like a quick and tasty dessert? I know that I love them. You can combine new things and make every recipe your own. Also it is really easy to make! I like to use strawberries because they are my favourite fruit (and they look pretty). As always, you can modify this recipe however you want and it will taste great...use blueberries,pineapple or apples! You have to measure the ingedients on how big your container is. This recipe won't take any longer than 10 minutes.

..so for this dessert I used:

3 Cookies

Whipped Cream (low fat!)

3 Strawberries

Vanilla Extract

White Chocolate Flakes (optional)

..what to do:

1. Crush the Cookies into crumbs

2. Mix your Cream with the vanilla extract

3. Cut your strawberries (slices & dices)

4. Layer your ingedients 

5. Enjoy!

4 May 2015

Glossybox April

This Months Glossybox was quite spring oriented in my opinion, light colours, quite girly. I liked it even though I wouldn't have chosen these colours. I just love the fact that you get a suprise every month...it is exciting!
So the first thing I want to show you is...

..this lipstick from the MakeupStore. It is a glossy,pink shade which is definately not my type of shade but maybe I will get a use out of it when I use it to paint the faces of my friends..haha
The lipstick just does not suit my complexion and I prefer a matte lip but the pigmentation is really good in my opinion. I would love to try out another lipstick by this brand..but well not this kind of shade :)

The next thing is this Superfruit Lipbalm by Naked Lips. I've never owned a lipbalm that I really loved but now I do. It smells so nice! Like pomegranate, blue berries,,,and it really mosturizes the lips with coconut oil and vitamin E.

Here we have the next makeup item which is a Cover & Stay Foundation by Alverde (a german,organic drugstore brand so no link). The foundation is quite longlating even though it is not quite the shade of my complexion - it is a little dark for me but let's hope that I get a little taned in summer.

This is a nailpolish from Essie in 'brides to be' which is this pretty,peachy colour. I think this colour is perfect if you want french nails or a pastel peach on our nails. It lasted a long time (which is a huge bonus) and it did not start to chip. This was definately my fave in this box.

The last thing in the box was this Aftershave by Dr. Severin which is really good for sensetive skin. My skin is really sensetive afer shaving and this product helped soothing it. It is organic and has a nice smell.

If you have any suggestions on a topic or something that interests you and you want me to write about it. let me know.
Have an amazing day!

xo Julia