22 April 2015

Summer Looks #1

Summer is not far away and it is getting warmer everyday (at least where I live). You go out with your friends, get active but what do you wear when you go to the beach, go cycling or even go skating? I think that loose, thin clothes are the best to wear if you want to look good but not to sweat a lot. Your skin can breathe and you feel a lot more fresh. So here are two outfits I wanted to share with you guys for those who like to go out and be active when it's warm outside. These outfits are great if you're someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on clothes but you like to look fashionable. They are quite dark but if you want to go out as soon as possible you might not have that much time and black is always an easy option (and it looks great).

1. Crop Top from H&M 2. Authentic Black Shoes from Vans 3. High Wasted Shorts from H&M 4. Flanel Shirt from H&M 5. Lipstick in ''Chilli'' from MAC
(I'm really sorry that some of these URL's are german!)

I know that most people like to wear really bright colours in summer but I like it quite casual, simple and comfortable. This outfit is inspired by skateboarding and chilling with friends. You can always chuck on the flanel when it is getting chilly and if you like to wear it without a flanel shirt you can tag your Instagram pictures with #allblackeverything. ;)
Show off your flat belly that you've worked so hard for and keep it casual while enjoying the sun.

1. Hairband with Flowers from H&M 2. Kimono from Topshop 3. Converse Shoes from Asos 4. Jumpsuit from H&M  5. Temporary Tattoos from Asos

This outfit is quite loose, casual und a little hippyish. It is a quite girly and flowy. I think that Jumpsuits are a Must for summer, because they are so simple, you can wear them with everything, they stay in place all day and they are so comfy! I'm pretty sure you must have seen these temporary tattoos everywhere but they are so nice and summery. Perfect if you want to go to a festival or to the beach. It's pretty much jewelery on your body and they can give an outfit that missing pop. 

Make this summer yours and have fun!

xo Julia

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  1. Love both these outfits - you can never go wrong with classic black! And I love that you were inspired by just chilling out with friends, I can totally just imagine that in this outfit!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥