27 March 2015

My Strawberry Smoothie

 So that the sun finally came out where I live and the weather got nicer I felt like I had to do something with the first nice Strawberries I found at the market because they are my favourite kind of berry and what is nicer than a delicious smoothie? 

                                     So here is the recipe I used to create this delicousness..<3 

The Recipe:

about 200g|7Oz. of Strawberries

1/2 a Banana

1 Spoon of Honey

3 Spoons of (Soy-) Yoghurt

Fill rest with (Soy-) Milk

Chia Seeds (optional)

(As you can see I could not wait to try it before I took this photo.) I love smoothies because they taste sooo good and are super easy to make so I hope you will enjoy this simple recipe. 

xo Julia

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